HOW your dog eats is as important as
WHAT your dog eats!

Eating from the ground is unhealthy for many dogs and leads to stomach, back and joint problems.

Dogs with health problems such as arthritis or megaesophagus should be fed upright as a matter of urgency. Bowls on the ground entice dogs to slingshot and lead to flatulence and stomach rotation.

  • Health impairments and shorter life span for dogs
  • Additional expenses due to increased vet costs of € 2,000 – € 6,000 for dog owners


01    Adjustable to the millimeter by electronic control;

02    Simple operation with touch sensors;

03    Easily replaceable stainless steel bowls;

04    Space-saving and stable feed solution;

05    Light weight 5 kg;

06    High-quality and innovative design.


For people:

No bending over is necessary for feeding

Clean feeding without slipping of the feeding bowls

Convenient modern design

Benefits for dogs:

Prevents joint and back problems

Growing up with the dog

Reduces slings and thereby megaesophagus & digestive problems

At Foodlift we want to make feeding pets as easy,
pleasant and healthy as possible:

That’s why we have developed a height-adjustable foodlift for dogs!

The height of the food bowls can be easily adjusted with the help of a touch control, without you having to bend down. Due to the flexibly adjustable height, you can also adjust the bowl to the perfect height for your pet to avoid the risk of neck and back problems and to enable optimal digestion.

Questions & Answers

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. Why electronically height-adjustable?

  • Individual adjustment:

Electronic height adjustability allows precise adjustment of the food height.


  • Easy adaptation to the growth of puppies:

The Foodlift grows with them!
For growing pets, it is important to adjust the feeding height to promote healthy development. The electronic adjustability enables stepless adjustment to meet the needs of puppies through to adult animals.


  • For animals and humans:

Electronic height adjustability in feeding stations not only offers benefits for pets, but also for physically impaired people.
This promotes independence and makes the daily care of pets easier, as you no longer have to bend down to feed them.


2. How can the Foodlift be operated?

The Foodlift is very easy to operate using the touch sensors.
Link to the user manual: Operating instructions Foodlift


3. Why is the adjusted height important when feeding?

The adjusted height supports better digestion, reduces snares and minimizes strain on the neck and back, especially for older or arthritic animals.


4. Is there a warranty for the Foodlift?

Yes, we offer a 2-year guarantee on the Foodlift. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and ensures that you can enjoy this high-quality product for a long time. In addition, we offer a 30-day return policy to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your decision. If you have any questions or queries regarding our guarantee or the returns process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


5. How can the Foodlift be cleaned?

The Foodlift is easy to clean as it is made of high-quality, washable materials. The removable bowls make cleaning easier and are dishwasher-safe.


6. What else makes the Foodlift special?

The fixed food bowls mean no more mess at your feeding station. In addition, the Foodlift has a stylish and modern design that blends seamlessly into any living space.



Nikolai H.

“Great for me and my dog. Due to health reasons, I have difficulty bending down. With the help of the Foodlift, I can take care of my little one without any problems.”


Tatjana P.

“Overall, a fantastic product! My Nelly tried the Foodlift. The Foodlift is easy to use, and Nelly eats much more relaxed. Visually, the Foodlift is also appealing. Highly recommended!”


David K.

“I have tested the Foodlift for a few months and am really satisfied. My Rottweiler is supposed to eat at an elevated height in general. I can adjust the Foodlift quite precisely to his height. It benefits him and looks great!”