HOW your dog eats is as important as
WHAT your dog eats!

Eating from the ground is unhealthy for many dogs and leads to stomach, back and joint problems.

Dogs with health problems such as arthritis or megaesophagus should be fed upright as a matter of urgency.
Bowls on the ground entice dogs to slingshot and lead to flatulence and stomach rotation.

  • Health impairments and shorter life span for dogs
  • Additional expenses due to increased vet costs of € 2,000 – € 6,000 for dog owners

At Foodlift we want to make feeding pets as easy,
pleasant and healthy as possible:

that’s why we have developed a height-adjustable foodlift for dogs!

The height of the food bowls can be easily adjusted with the help of a touch control, without you having to bend down. Due to the flexibly adjustable height, you can also adjust the bowl to the perfect height for your pet to avoid the risk of neck and back problems and to enable optimal digestion.


01    Adjustable to the millimeter by electronic control;

02    Simple operation with touch sensors;

03    Easily replaceable stainless steel bowls;

04    Space-saving and stable feed solution;

05    Light weight 4 kg;

06    High-quality and innovative design.


For people:

No bending over is necessary for feeding

Clean feeding without slipping of the feeding bowls

Convenient modern design

Benefits for dogs:

Ergonomic – prevents joint and back problems

Growing up with the dog

Reduces slings and thereby megaesophagus & digestive problems




“Thanks to the adjustable height of the food lift, my big dog can finally eat without the risk of an overstretched back.”



“Since I use the foodlift, I have to bend down much less often in everyday life and have less back pain.”



“The Foodlift is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my 3 cats! I recommend him to everyone who loves himself and his fluff!”