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We are Foodlift, an innovative start-up based in Aachen, Germany, specializing in the development and production of electronically height-adjustable feeding bowls for pets.

Our initial focus is on dogs, but we are also planning products for cats in the near future.

Our products are the result of a passionate dedication by pet lovers for pet lovers.

We place great emphasis on quality and design to make feeding pets a healthy and comfortable experience for both the animals and their owners.

Our electronically height-adjustable feeding bowl allows pet owners to customize the feeding height to achieve the optimal position for each pet. This allows us to help prevent and counteract back, neck, joint and digestive problems.

In addition, the Foodlift provides owners with physical relief as it allows feeding without the hassle of bending down.


We create a pleasant and healthy
feeding experience for animals and humans with
electronic, height-adjustable feeding bowls!


Using synergy effects:

By working together, everyone can benefit from each other’s strengths.

This can manifest itself in the form of joint marketing campaigns, product bundling or even joint product development, which ultimately leads to an improved offering.

Sharing resources such as time, money and manpower to achieve efficiency gains.

Create added value:

Cross-selling for sales growth:

Through partnerships, we offer joint bundles that combine our products. In this way, we increase average order values and promote sales growth.

We create first-class products for animals:

By pooling expertise with our partners, we develop further innovative solutions that improve the well-being and quality of life of pets.